Monday 04.20.12

John and The River Bandit
Saturday night was a great night out at the ball park despite the brisk temperatures and the so-so play from our home team. [In the final inning, without even having to hit the ball, the Bandits scored 3 runs because the Whitecaps pitcher kept walking Bandits hitters. Unfortunately, the Bandits just couldn't make a big hit happen with the bases loaded and they never evened the score.] We'll definitely do another WCFM night at the ballpark on a warmer summer night. Thanks to everyone that came out with us!

It's back to practicing CrossFit this fine Monday. A new week starts today, and a new month starts tomorrow. Can you believe we're nearly halfway through 2012? This might be a good time to check in on your goals, either here in the box in your binders, or wherever else you keep such plans filed away. 

Jacob and I tackled quite a few goals in 2011, and I know Jacob has some of his own for 2012, and we definitely have some goals for WCFM; however, I have no lofty personal goals scheduled for this year. While that sounds rather directionless, I feel it is not because I am really aiming to maintain. The maintenance phase, as dieters and off-season athletes alike can attest, can be a rather difficult balance to achieve. How do you resist sliding into complacence? How do you set the bar high enough to motivate but not so high you feel overwhelmed or risk illness/injury? 

I believe everyone and everything must cycle through a rest phase (Hello...winter? Hibernation? Caterpillars?). I believe maintenance is like a resting phase - a transition point - and over time, a new goal will appear. Basically, I'm waiting to feel hungry again; and that hunger will drive me to achieve the next goal. In the meantime, I'm focusing on my technique and speed. I'm working on taking fewer and shorter breaks during WODs. I'm pushing myself to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Maybe you have some goals written down or floating around in your head for 2012. What are they? Are you making progress towards your goal(s)? Maybe you have no specific plans or particular goals. What drives and motivates you?

Warm Up:
5 Rounds
3 cleans* 
*Increase weight each round
Foam roll between rounds
Run/Row 400 m
21 KB Swings (53/35)
12 pullups


Anonymous April 30, 2012 at 7:58 AM  

Do you have any easy ,laid back, no effort work outs you can name Grandma Jeanne?

I know you two and the answer is no,

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