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What are We?
Warrior CrossFit Muscatine is a CrossFit gym, so you won't see mirrors or elliptical machines. We utilize the CrossFit program, which delivers a fitness that is by design broad, general, and inclusive. We start from where you are and work our way up. We utilize exercises ranging from push-ups to pull-ups, lunges to squats, running to jumping, weighted sit-ups to Olympic weightlifting. These are functional movements that anyone can do. Anyone willing to put in the effort will reap the rewards, no matter what the fitness goal.

Our Motto
Our motto of "Tada gun iarracht" is Gaelic for "nothing without effort". No one becomes a warrior without effort. Like the CrossFit program, our motto is broad, general, and inclusive. We believe this motto applies to not only physical fitness and health, but to all aspects of life -- mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness and health. We aim to create a community of warriors that strives to put maximum effort into everything they do in and out of the gym.

Our Coaching Team
Sarah & Jacob Garvin
Jacob Garvin - Owner/Trainer
Jacob was first introduced to Crossfit while deployed to Iraq with the U.S. Air Force in 2008. He saw the Wing commander puking in the corner of the gym, then proceeding to go back for more 'Fran'. Since then he has been hooked, spending the better part of 2008-2010 looking at the main CrossFit website wishing he had a gym to call his own. He was also exposed to Rob Shaul's militaryathlete.com, which takes Crossfit methodology and tailors the programming to those deploying to the rugged, mountainous terrain of Afghanistan.

Since his introduction to Crossfit, Jacob received a Level 1 CrossFit Certification along with a USAW Certification, and a Masters Degree in Sport/Health Sciences. When he's not in the gym, Jacob is busy promoting races and other healthy/active events around town. He can also be found chillin' with his beautiful wife Sarah and Uncle Steve at Ardon Creek Winery (super shameless plug).

Jacob thinks the world would be a better place if everyone would put aside just 4 minutes every morning for 1 round of Tabata whatever.

Sarah Garvin - Owner/Trainer
Sarah began her fitness career in 2005 when she trained for her first (and only) marathon. Since then, she completed numerous 10K, 15K, and half-marathon road races. Always in search of new challenges and motivation, Sarah added boot camp and then CrossFit to her fitness routine. When she saw she spent far more energy on workouts and fitness than she did on the her job as an endangered marine species biologist, Sarah earned her Level 1 CrossFit certification.

Sarah seeks to share her passion for fitness by helping others realize their physical and mental potential and reach their personal goals. Outside of the gym, Sarah looks for new outdoor adventures, refines her dream list of travel destinations, and tries out new recipes and Ardon Creek wine pairings on her wonderful husband Jacob (another super shameless plug).

Ryan Wilson - Trainer
Ryan came to WCFM with a background in competitive collegiate track and fell in love with CrossFit so much that he completed his CrossFit Level 1 Certification in February 2013. As part of our training staff on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, he adds a wealth of knowledge and experience to our fitness programming. His passion for mobility and technique will help all of our athletes move more comfortably and efficiently!

Kyle Jack - Coach
Kyle is a natural athlete with a background in high school athletics and in self-taught gymnastic movement. After months of spending extra time in the box working on improving his lifting technique and skill work, he decided to complete his CrossFit Level 1 Certification in August 2013, along with a USAW certification in 2015. Kyle provides personal training, he coaches our On-Ramp Program for new members and beginners, and he owns and runs Muscatine Barbell Club, which is co-located at Warrior CrossFit Muscatine. His work ethic, natural teaching ability, and enthusiasm for efficient movement will help every athlete that walks through our doors. To contact Kyle for personal training, please email him or call him at (563) 299-0315. Please go to the Facebook Page for the Muscatine Barbell Club for more information.

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