Friday 01.03.14

The 11 PM New Year's Eve WOD

Registration for the Open starts on January 15th. 
The first CF Open WOD will be released on Feb. 27th. 
This is the Olympics of the sport of CrossFit.

Monthly CrossFit fees WERE DUE YESTERDAY.
Don't be late with a payment again - sign up for autopay, create a reminder on your calendar, or set up a payment schedule through your bank's online features.

Here in the first few days of January, everyone is thinking about where they started 2013, how 2013 ended, and what they hope to see in 2014. Because CrossFit is all about measuring progress - through timing workouts and logging strength gains - this is also a great time to dust off those goal sheets in your binders. Coach Jacob and I review your goal sheets periodically throughout the year and we take mental notes on whether you are progressing towards the goals you have written down (if you have goals written down). Don't get caught with your proverbial pants down by ignoring those written goals, or worse yet, leaving that page in your binder blank. Let's make 2014 the year you achieve something new. When you revisit that goal page, make sure you write down specifics - not just something vague like "get in better shape" or "look good naked." Form will follow function, so make your goals performance-based - e.g., increased 1RMs, faster benchmark WOD times, 1 strict pullup, etc. If you feel good about what your body can do, I guarantee you will like what you see in the mirror. And if a goal doesn't scare you a little (just a little), then it's probably not enough of a challenge. Now let's all get a little scared together!

5 Rounds
3 snatch (increase load each round)
KB Snatch (53/35)
Cash Out:
Row 1000 m


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