Thursday 01.16.14

KB Queen and WOM, Amy
Day 16 of our Dip Challenge!
Have you added in a ring dip or two? Have you tried a few full depth dips on the dip station instead of a box or pirouette bars? Up the ante, Warriors!
Paleo is coming and ALL the rules are changing. Version 5.0 of our 30-Day Paleo Challenge is switching things up to focus on real food and real results. Full details will be released Monday, January 20th. What remains the same? The forbidden foods are the same, the goal to eat real food for 30 days remains the same, and a grand prize of one free month of Unlimited CrossFit remains the same. If you are not seeing the results you want from exercise alone, then it's time to look at what you are putting into your mouth and assess the quality of your WOD fuel. It could be what makes all the difference.

Odd couple push jerks @75% 1RM
50 reps for time of:


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