Tuesday 12.02.14

John "Jerzy" Martin
Meet our December Warrior of the Month
John "SeaBreezy" Martin
**EDITOR'S NOTE: Please read, then re-read and internalize, John's answer to question #5.**

1. Why did you start CrossFit?
I've been doing CrossFit off and on for about 5 years now. I have done it consistently for about a year and a half now. I started because I had some buddies who had military affiliates and would workout with them. I would go consistently for about two to three months and see great results and then stop. I would get to where I wanted to be then stop. I guess the reason I continue to go since I got off active duty is for the camaraderie. I enjoy the bond of people trying to accomplish something together.

2. How has CrossFit helped you with your military duty?
Since doing CrossFit I got my highest physical fitness test score in my 14 year career. I got a 299 out of possible 300.

3. What is your favorite Pandora station?
Pandora would be whatever the top 40 is. I enjoy singing along with the lyrics. The songs nowadays make me laugh. Who knows where they come up with this stuff.

4. What your favorite and least favorite movements or WODs?
Anything with legs...seems like no matter how much I do them they get so sore I can't walk everytime. My favorite would be any partner WOD. I feel like I always push myself harder as part of a team.

5. What is your advice for newbies?
The advice to new people is the same as everyone. You're gonna be sore. Stick with it. It gets a little better, but anyone who puts out 100% on any WOD will be sore regardless how long they have been going. Which is why my advice would be for the people who are regulars. If you honestly believe this is something you want to stick with think about how and when you push yourself. Know your body and know your limitations. Don't push a bad situation and don't always count on someone stopping you before you hurt yourself. "Chase your weakness" doesn't always mean, "do more, faster". It may simply mean work on technique which could potentially slow your reps down, but help you avoid an injury. Know your fitness goals -- not 1 rep max stuff, but overall life fitness goals. I have physical requirements for the Marine Corps that doing CrossFit helps me with. I know I will never compete in the CrossFit Games. My goal is to be active, healthy, and to not have any physical limitations in my professional or recreational life. Warrior CrossFit Muscatine is a fun place to workout and I enjoy the company around me!

12 Rounds
2 Bench press @ 85% 1RM 
15 min EMOM 
1 snatch plus 2 OHS, gradually increase weight


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