Wednesday 12.10.14

In Canada, Sea World is called Marineland

Our Coaching Schedule
At the end of last month, Jacob and I started mixing up the coaching schedule a little. As usual, Jacob disappears into the sunrise the first Friday of every month (usually) after coaching the morning WODs to head up to Minneapolis for his Air Force Reserve duty (drill) weekend. Now, in addition, Coach Sarah will lead the evening WODs every other Friday (usually the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month) while Jacob leads to morning WODs. We do this to keep our coaching fresh (it helps to coach different athletes) and to keep your training fresh (it helps to hear feedback from a different set of eyes). We hope you enjoy the change up. We certainly do!


Snatch Grip Deadlift
Load a bar above your snatch 1RM and hang onto it for 30 second at full extension
5 by 5 snatch deadlift at max snatch weight
3 rounds for time
10 m overhead lunge walk
10 box jump (30"/24")
5 deficit HSPU
500 m row
Monday's Grip-burning results


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