Tuesday 02.17.15

So I'm doing some work on the side for our resident PT Warrior, Beth Dessner, of Eastern Iowa Physical Therapy. (Beth, you're welcome for the shameless plug.) I am the voice behind her Facebook and Twitter feeds, and during my interwebular journeys I've stumbled across so much fascinating information, including a reference to the infamous video above. Many of our female Warriors will relate to this issue and guess what?
I repeat, this is NOT normal.
Buzz on over to this blog post that debunks 5 myths about female incontinence, which is NOT NORMAL. Here are my take aways from that post, for those of you that just ain't got the time to care about your pelvic floor enough to read about it:
  • "Any women’s health physical therapist will tell you that it is not o.k. to leak urine when working out (or coughing, or sneezing). It is a sign that the whole system is breaking down, and the pelvic floor is just the place it shows the most at the time."
  • "In my own practice, I rarely have a patient that comes to me specifically for incontinence. Many female patients come in with complaints of low back, hip or knee pain. As part of my initial evaluation, I ask every woman if they ever experience any incontinence. Over half of the women will say no, until I press, and then they admit that they do."
  • "The majority of women I treat tell me that they wear a pad to every single WOD because they know (or are afraid) they will leak. These are fit looking women that no one would ever suspect have this issue. These are women of all ages – from their 20’s to the Masters Division."
  • Kegel exercises are not the only solution, nor are they an appropriate "cure all" for all pelvic disorders.
  • "We can train the pelvic floor and central stability mechanism just like every other muscle group in the body. This will take a coordinated, team effort from coaches, physical therapists and gynecologists" 
Work up to a heavy clean and jerk single; accumulate 10 muscle ups and 50 band tricep pull downs 
4 min stations with 2 min rest in between stations:
- 20 deadlift (185/115), 20 HSPUs 
- Row distance 
- 20 DU, 20 sit-ups 
- Suicide, 20 push-ups


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