Wednesday 04.29.15

The ghost of Douggy Fresh's past
2 Competitions Coming up on 05/09. One for the Ladies and one for the Fellas.
Monthly CrossFit fees are due FRIDAY, MAY 1st.

Part 2 of my recent open gym Q&A sesh
Dude, my hips feel tight, especially when I squat. What do I do about THAT?

Short answer: MOBILITY.

Long answer: More MOBILITY. You gotta stretch that shit out, y'all. Some of you are runners. Some of you are cyclists. A whole lotta us are SITTERS. That all leads to tight hip flexors. So, whatcha gonna do? You can't call the Ghostbusters.

You can pull up YouTube and get to work with Kelly "Don't Make the Pain Face" Starrett of MobilityWOD. Start here and skip to the 1:00 mark for what to do.

I KNOW EVERYONE has 10 free minutes before or after a WOD to get after this shit. #noexcuses.

5 rounds
1 power clean + 3 strict press + 4 push press + 5 front squat
(increase weight each round)
5 rounds
10 chest-to-bar chin-ups (palms face you when gripping bar)
10 box jumps  (any height; Rx = rebound jump)
Run 400 m


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