Monday 05.04.15

Om Chante WOM
Meet May's Warrior of the Month!
Chantelle Kelsall

1. Why did you start CrossFit? 
After we moved to Wilton last summer, my plan was to join the YMCA and continue my long commitment with aerobic classes, running on the treadmill, and hitting a few weights. I knew 40 was quickly approaching and when I looked in the mirror there was a feeling I needed to do something different, challenging, and maybe even exciting. Crossfit was something I had heard about but didn't know much about, and after talking to Dr. Dawson at a birthday dinner, I knew it was worth going and checking out! 

2. How does this compare to other things you have done in your athletic background? Ummmmm......nothing. The closest comparison would go back to my school years when I was a sprinter. I remember there were many track practices pushing myself to the point of complete exhaustion and occasionally leaving my lunch on the football field. Through my twenties and thirties, I kept active with running, biking, swimming, hiking, but nothing that pushed me to my limit expect once or twice a year at a local 5K race or The Bix. I am very thankful CrossFit has come my way - and it was only a few weeks at the box that I knew Crossfit was the change I needed! 

3. Favorite exercise? 
My favorite would be a WOD with a mixture of cardio and weights. I have to say there were a few exercises I dreaded seeing in a WOD, because I couldn't do them Rx or even see the the day when I would be able to. After several months at the box, the importance of commitment and determination started becoming more apparent to me - and I knew the only way to master them was to tackle them head on...and not running from them. Putting in the little extra time with a coach after a WOD or coming in for open gym to get pointers from seasoned warriors are a couple of ways I have turned some of my least favorite exercises to some of your favorites. Recently, I have started working with Kyle once a week for an hour and completing a couple mini-WODs he puts together for me to work during the week. He has been very helpful, knowledgable, and patient (thank goodness for my sake). 

4. Least favorite? 
20 lb wall balls with a 10 ft. target, and my most recent...rebound box jumps! 

5. Favorite Pandora station? 
Hip Hop 

6. Advice for newbies? 
I'm that crazy person who loves to talk about CrossFit with anyone who will listen. So... for the brave ones who have already walked through the front door...don't give up! When the morning or afternoon comes around and you feel too tired or sore, just drive your ass to the box, get out of your car and walk in! The coaches, other CrossFitters, and music will get you moving, and leave you feeling thankful for putting in a good WOD for the day!

9 Rounds
2 just-below-the-knee hang squat snatch + squat snatch from the ground
10 Rounds
3 snatch (135/95)
7 evil wheel with same bar


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