Friday 09.04.15

Upper Row: Faith BEFORE Paleo; Lower Row: AFTER Paleo
CONGRATULATIONS, Faith Bazal, on winning our 30-Day Paleo Challenge!
Faith wins a FREE month of Unlimited CrossFit.
Read about her experience below.
Our next Paleo challenge will be in February 2016.
"I went  into this challenge not having a clue about what I was doing, but soon learned we already ate about 50% Paleo, lots of meats, veggies, & fruits, no soda pop or sugary drinks [ok—unless mixed with alcohol ;)], but also thinking ‘ I can’t eat anything!’ and this grocery store has nothing that qualifies as Paleo.  I never thought I could go without Bread/pasta’s and dairy but soon found the bread/pasta’s were the easy things to give up, dairy was a bigger struggle.  I also found that reading labels is key, items I thought wouldn’t be a problem like taco seasoning and salt, contained way more ‘junk’ than I thought they did. Moving forward I’m going to try to stick more with an 80% Paleo diet, read labels and choose the friendlier foods, and try to keep the breads/pastas at bay and use the spaghetti squash instead (I even got the kids to eat it!).  And found a great secret Coconut Aminos: good for Asian food and if you add it to eggs makes them taste like French toast (minus the bread and syrup)."

30 sec on 30 sec off day:  
7 min stations with a 3 min break between stations
- Squat snatch, 1 rep (up weight each rep)
- BJ
- Row
- Push-ups


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