Tuesday 12.08.15

Pistol Pete Seele, December WOM

Meet our December Warrior of the Month
Pistol Pete Seele

1. Describe your athletic background.
I played soccer all my life and really focused on that through high school, but I enjoy extreme sports (i.e., snowboarding, mountain biking etc.)

2. You do your accomplish life balance? 
Having a balance between going to school full time, doing CrossFit, and having other hobbies has been challenging. I think it's so important to maintain that balance and also explore different interests.

3. What is your favorite exercise? 
I like almost every exercise except... [see next question]

4. What is your least favorite exercise?
Thrusters, or rowing. They are the bane of my existence. Who invented them anyway? What a horrible person.

5. What is your favorite Pandora station for WODs?
I like AC/DC or most kinds of Rap.

6. Who is your least favorite person?
Whoever beats me in reps or weight -- that annoys me. lol.

7. What advice do you have for newbies? 
I would say that you shouldn't worry about your level of fitness going in to the gym for the first time or how fast your results come. Just by showing up you're already doing more the what most people do.

5 Rounds
6 hang cleans + 6 push press
10 barbell Turkish getups (5 each side)
20 seated box jumps (30"/24")
30 GHDs
40 unbroken wall balls (immediate 10 burpee penalty--one time)
50 unbroken doubleunders (immediate 10 burpee penalty--one time)


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