Monday 03.07.16

Top:Rx Paleo Winner Paige Bales; Bottom: Scaled Paleo Winner Faith Bazal

30-day Paleo Challenge Results

Paige won the Rx Division and Faith won the Scaled Division. Paige lost 10 lbs and Faith lost 8. Talk to the folks that participated this year. The Axtells lost upward of 20 lbs by making a few small dietary tweaks. The end goal is to make healthy living changes that are sustainable. Find those go to foods and make them the staples of your diet. If you're going to cheat, make it difficult. Don't have junk in the house and make it a cheat meal as opposed to a cheat three day weekend. Attack every food decision as binary code -- you either made a good decision or you didn't. Patterns over time will dictate your overall health and wellness.

Push press up wt 
Handstand Push-ups 
500 doubleunders
EMOM perform 3 back squat @ 225/155


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