Wednesday 11.13.13

Trainer Kyle is running out of room on that bar

WCFM Ladies Nite 
8 PM at Wine Nutz in Downtown Muscatine
Bring a friend and bring an appetizer.
Flag football and a paleo brew at Trainer Ryan's this Sunday at high noon! 
Signup and location on the bulletin board.

When in doubt, or when you are tired, check to see if your core muscles are still engaged. If not, it might be the reason you are sagging under the bar, struggling to stand tall, or struggling in general during a WOD. Keep it tight!
5 rounds, ending at your 6 rep max:
6 front squats
6 push press
"Explore the Space"  
Every 30 seconds for 15 minutes:
Wall walk up, 
Sprint width of room
Wall walku


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