Monday 12.02.13

Jason Walker. December Warrior of the Month
1-4 PM
Make Christmas Cards with Kelli
$20 for 15 cards
Food and beverage provided.
Please RSVP on front bulletin board
SATURDAY 12/14 at 7 PM
RSVP on the front bulletin board. Please tell us what dish you are bringing.
We will also be collecting donations for the local domestic violence shelter at the holiday party. Needed items include women's necessities (e.g., toiletries), clothing and toys for infants and children, and household goods. Let's make it a happy holiday for everyone!
Meet our December Warrior of the Month!
Jason Walker
1. Why did you start CrossFitting?
I come from a running background, but over the last few years I had started getting injuries like runner's knee and foot pain. I knew I needed to work on strengthening my legs, my core, and my flexibility, but I just could not motivate myself enough to be consistent. I dreaded "leg days" in the weight room and stretching seemed like a waste of time. I followed Chris Steinbach's blog when he was a member and it seemed like it might help me improve on my weaknesses so I could be a healthy athlete again. I gave it a shot and I haven't looked back since. All my ailments are gone, I feel good and it's cheaper than physical therapy.

 2. Favorite exercise?
 I would have to say that I love the gymnastic movements like ring muscle-ups and handstand push-ups. I had to work really hard over a few months to get my first muscle up, and I have had to continue working to improve form and efficiency. Also, these movements, along with rope climbs and box jumps and bear crawls, make me feel like I am a little kid at recess. What adults call working out, kids call play. I get to play every day at the box and it feels great!

3. Least favorite?
All variations of thrusters--I see stars in almost every workout that I do that has them programmed. They take everything I have, which never seems like enough.

4. Goals within the next 6 months?
I really want to improve my strength in the core lifts: deadlifts, squats and presses. If I could add at least 25-40 lbs to my max on each of those lifts, I would be happy. Ultimately, I want to lay a good base for future CrossFit competitions, triathlons, and running events.

5. Advice for newbies?
Nothing worthwhile is easy. The CrossFit community is here to help you get through the worst, to celebrate the little victories along the way, and to keep you coming back for more. If you stay consistent, you will get huge results and you will do things you never thought were possible.

3 Rounds
6 push press + 6 back squat (AHAP)
6 butterfly/kipping pullups
EMOTM for 15 minutes
5 hang squat cleans (135/95)
5 burpees

*the word "hang" before any lift means the lift begins hanging at the waist.
**"clean" always means the lift ends at with the bar at the shoulders


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