Thursday 12.05.13

Next stop: Cirque de Soleil
Do you know what's happening at the box this month?
Y'all, today is all about enduring. You can partition the reps however you like (and I know some of you will REALLY appreciate that freedom). Just make sure you complete all the reps! Oh, and in order to get an Rx next to your name, you best be gettin' down wid yo bad self at the bottom of that squat. We're not talkin' quads parallel with the ground kind of squats - that's unheard of in CrossFit. We're talkin' ass to grass, hips below knees, quads sloping down from the knee toward the ground. If you wonder if you're getting low enough after each rep, then you're probably not getting low enough ;) Additionally, on step ups, you're standing tall on top of the box, not slumping over with each rep. Make that Rx happen, Warriors. We know you're more than capable.
Complete the following (partition as desired):
30 squat snatch (135/95)
200 weighted step-ups (Men: 30# slam ball/35# KB, 20" box; Women: 20# wall ball/25# KB, 20" box)
* Rx standards:
each snatch must end in a full depth overhead squat;
each step up must have full hip extension at the top of the box. 


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