Monday 02.03.14

Before the shoes came off
Day 3 of Paleo!
Scoresheets due this Saturday via email.
Ladies night is this Friday. 
6:30 PM WOD at the gym, then off to who knows where?
Coach Sarah will be running informal mini clinics on kipping throughout open gym this Saturday.
Warrior of the Month
John "J-Bone" Garvin 

1.  Why did you start CrossFit?
We moved to Muscatine. I wasn't playing sports in high school anymore. I was out of shape. When Jacob and Sarah opened the gym, my dad made me go with him.

2. Favorite exercise?
It's hard to say what my favorite exercise is, but I do like planks, wall balls, hand stand push ups, box jumps, kettle bell swings, air squats, rope climbs, and all the stuff with the bar.

3.  Least favorite?
GHD!!!!! Makes me dizzy and light headed and makes me sick

4. What are your athletic/CrossFit goals for 2014?
Get Faster, Stronger, and lose a little weight

5.  Advice for newbies?
It's' tough, but stick with it. Do what you can, meet all your CrossFitters and they are a GREAT SUPPORT GROUP. I'm glad I go and I have met so many fantastic people here and it's a great gym!! A family away from home. I'm honored to be the WARRIOR OF THE MONTH! 

"C-Breezy 10"
10 Rounds
1 power clean + press (AHAP)
20 min AMRAP
Front squat (185/115)
Strict pullup


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