Monday 02.24.14

Kelli, Diane Fu, and Coach Sarah
Paleo is almost over and the stand-off continues! Here at the Week 3 standings:
300 pts - Amy, Becky, Paige
260 pts - Ed
The first CrossFit Open WOD will be announced this Thursday!
Pearls of Wisdom from Diane Fu

1) If you train the Olympic lifts, then your other CrossFit skills will improve.
2) Position is the foundation of weightlifting. Know the shapes you are forming throughout the lift. Become familiar with the correct positions before linking them together in one fluid movement.
3) When you go in for your setup, remember your SHOES + 3:
Shoelaces: Line up the bar with your first shoeslace before you bend down to grab the bar.
Hook grip: grab the bar with a hook grip
Over bar: Your shoulders need to be forward of the bar on your setup
Elbows out: rotate your funny bone out
Sit in: Get down in your sitting position, moving your belly button toward the bar
(1) Horizon: keep your eyes up on the horizon
(2) Knuckles down: point your knuckles down to the floor
(3) Knees out: screw your feet into the floor to push your knees away from each other (i.e., create torque)

7 minutes to establish 3 RM overhead squat from ground
"Lordy, Lordy Scotty's 40 (plus 4)"
4 rounds: 
11 deadlift (115% bodyweight
11 box jumps (30"/24")
Cash out:
7 minutes to get as far as you can through "Annie"


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