Thursday 02.27.14

Kyle flying high for a muscle-up
The CrossFit Open starts TODAY at 7 PM with the announcement of the first WOD.

Every Friday for the next 5 weeks, the CrossFit Open WOD will be the WOD at the gym. For those participating in the Open as registered competitors, judging can occur on Fridays during regular WOD times (if you so desire), and judging will occur throughout open gym on Saturdays. Certified judges are Coaches Jacob and Sarah, and trainers Ryan and Kyle. If you are unable to complete the CrossFit Open WOD on a Saturday or a Friday, then please contact Coach Jacob to arrange an alternate time for your Open WOD to be judged. WOD scores MUST be submitted AND VERFIED by 7 PM Monday. Additionally, please make sure you are VERY familiar with the standards for many common movements. The performance standards will be released at the same time as the WOD.

Other important, unrelated notes:
  • Monthly CF fees are DUE BY THIS SATURDAY. Not the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. after the 1st. It is due BY SATURDAY. We don't know how else to say "monthly fees are due ON the 1st of EVERY month". Don't make us "no rep" you ;)
  • Silo ice climbing is this Saturday, 03/01. Meet at the gym at 8 AM if you are going. Dress warmly!!
  • Our Paleo Cook Off tasting is THIS SATURDAY. Vote on the best tasting dish to help us determine who will be the winner in the event of a 3-way tie at the end of our 30-day Paleo challenge.
  • Save $10 on your $50 purchase in our online schwag shop when you use coupon code POTOFGOLD. Today through Tuesday, 03/04.
5 Rounds
3 thrusters with a 5 second pause at the top of each rep
"Roaming DU Diane"
21 deadlift (225/155)
21 m handstand walk
100 doubleunders
15 deadlift
15 m handstand walk
100 doubleunders
9 deadlift
9 m handstand walk
100 doubleunders


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