Tuesday 02.11.14

Chris clears his box jumps by a mile!
Our St. Paddy's Day Throwdown is coming!
The CrossFit Open Starts in about 2 weeks.

Ask yourself: How much more functional is my body than when I started CrossFit, 
and how can I get even more functional?

Think about your range of motion and not just whether you are lifting heavier things. If you can only do a half-assed squat with a gabillion pounds on the bar, then functionality is not getting better. You know what you have to do - work on your mobility/flexibility and practice getting deeper in every squat. If you are lifting heavier things, but you are moving as slow as molasses on a winter day, then cardio functionality is not getting better. You know you need to work on picking up the pace and taking fewer breaks. If you still have the same weaknesses as when you started 8+ months ago (e.g., lacking a strict, unassisted pullup; zero doubleunders; wall balls that don't hit the target), then you know you need to stop avoiding WODs with those movements and practice getting better with each rep. CrossFit is training for functioning well in every day life. It's all about progress, effort, and not giving up, which sounds like great advice for success in any avenue of life.

5 Rounds
5 push press + back squat
Increase weight each round
5 Rounds
160 m sandbag carry (80/60; 4 room lengths)
6 jerks (185/125; split or push jerk)
3 muscle-ups (or 9 chest-to-bar pullups)


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