Monday 11.24.14

Danimal & Dougie Fresh
We will have ONE WOD ONLY on Thanksgiving Day at 10 AM. 
We will be CLOSED on Black Friday, 11/28. 
We will be open for regular Saturday Funday, 11/29.
A word about scaling/modifying WODs:


Let's say you have one muscle-up. Or one or two strict pullups. Or one pushup. Or full depth squat. Whatever the movement is, let's say you have a limited number of full range-of-motion, prescribed quality reps in your back pocket. How do you get more?


When you see your "goddammit" movement show up in a WOD, it's time to get after it. Every round, perform one or two strict, full range-of-motion, prescribed quality reps, then modify. For example, in today's WOD, if you are trying to get more chest-to-the-ground push-ups, then each round do one or two chest-to-the-ground, then modify to your knees, still getting your chest to the ground.

You only excel at that which you...


So practice quality reps, y'all, modified or prescribed.

Back Squat 
5 rounds 
5 deadlift (275/185) 
30 sec side plank
5 push-ups
30 sec side plank 
Ca$h Out
30 barbell rollouts


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