Tuesday 11.25.14

Know anyone that wants to try CrossFit? 
Kyle (a.k.a., Jortz) has put together a 10-session on-ramp program for the month of December for $25. 
Learn the movements and high five some new friends. 
Yesterday I wrote about practicing quality movements and working toward full range of motion, whether it be squats, pushups, pullups, dips, or (did I mention this already?) squats.

Some of you may be thinking,
"Getting full of range of motion will just slow me down."
"Who has time to think about getting below parallel when the clock is ticking down?"
"I've got a bad knee/toenail/wrist, so I'll never be able reach full range of motion."

That all sounds like excuses to me. If you have mobility issues, work on them before, after, and away from WOD time as it will only help you climb stairs, sit on the can, and shovel snow more easily. If you have trouble knowing where below parallel is, then grab a medicine ball for reference until you know your depth by heart. If you have limited range of motion (e.g., you are missing an ACL, or a kneecap), then work to the fullest extent of your range of motion without risking injury.

There is a fine line between saying you do not have the capability to reach full range of motion and telling yourself a story so you don't have to do the hard work to reach full range of motion. Cheating your range of motion only cheats your body of strength and durability. No excuses. No limits.

3 by 3 narrow grip bench @80% 1 RM
3 by 3 medium grip bench @80% 1RM
3 by 3 wide grip bench @80% 1RM 
3 Rounds
15 thrusters 
15 pull-ups 


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