Tuesday 01.27.15

5:30 AM gets after it...like usual.
Our next beginner's on-ramp cycle starts NEXT MONDAY, 02/02.
$25 gets you one month of CrossFit.

It's time, y'all. It's time to get back on track. The holidays are over. The glow of New Year's resolutions has faded. The kids are back in school. Spring break is on it's way. If you're in the gym on a regular basis, then you are half way there. Now it's time to go the rest of the way and dial in your nutrition. Sign yourself up for our 30-Day Paleo Challenge, which starts Sunday, 02/01. Rules, divisions, and details are here. ONE MONTH of Unlimited CrossFit is up for grabs.

I view our 30-day Paleo Challenge as the perfect TOOL for getting me back on a predominantly REAL FOOD diet. (And I'm not using the term "diet" like it is a fad; "diet" is what you shove in your mouth on a regular, daily basis. As in, "My daily diet looks like a frat boy on a permanent high with the munchies.")

The 30-day Challenge highlights every bad nutritional habit and helps return you to neutral. Go strict for 30 days and come out feeling better, sleeping better, and knowing better. Find out what you really can't live without (that bottle of wine) and what you really CAN live without (bread, Fritos, and that 2 o'clock candy bar). Learn how to make better decisions about food and how to eat more conscientiously.

Never fear, you CAN have an all Paleo Superbowl. See how here. What a great kick-off to the Challenge!

8 Rounds
3 Close grip bench (increase weight each round)
3 chest-to-bar between rounds
Snatch-grip Deadlift Diane:  
Snatch grip deadlift (205/115)


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