Monday 03.02.15

March's WOM: Britta
Monthly CrossFit fees are DUE TODAY.

Meet March's Warrior of the Month
Britta Dixon

1. Why did you start CrossFit? 
Ever since I heard about CrossFit, I knew I was going to join someday. I had a calling for it. I needed to change up my workouts as I was bored with the same 'ole routines. All the hype and talk of CrossFit intrigued me to check out the local Warrior CrossFit box after I started my job with Allsteel in July 2013. That "local box" has changed my life!

2. How does this compare to other things you have done in your athletic background? 
This, by far, is the coolest athletic team, club, gym, family, and etc. that I have been a part of (SHH, don’t tell my mother!). I have always played sports and been involved with lifting, but I wanted to be a part of something different. CrossFit for me is a whole lifestyle change. Every day is a new day at the box. WCFM coaches and members have shown me so much about myself, and I will forever be grateful for the experiences and opportunities. The pure adrenaline rush and excitement I get going into the box will always keep me coming back for more!

3. Favorite exercise?
Do we have one named Britta yet?? Or Filter?? Maybe we should get on that! I thoroughly enjoy most exercises (HSPUs, Pistols, Hang Cleans, & Bench).

4. Least favorite? 
Overhead squats and a WOD that I see before getting to the box. I am not one to check out the WOD when it is posted the previous day. I despise knowing what the WOD is actually. I always want to be surprised when I get to the box. This is due to a valuable lesson I learned from Coach Sarah before Festivus. Everyone was talking about the WODs because they were posted, so of course I checked them out. After I knew what the WODs were for the event I admitted I didn’t want to participate because it didn’t sound fun. I was totally turned off from participating. Coach Sarah spoke her mind and it opened my eyes up that you can’t get better without taking on challenges and WODs that you dislike. After that experience I stick to the idea of overcoming and completing a task that you might not want to do. If I know what a WOD is in advance I will ponder it and talk myself out of wanting to take on the challenge. CrossFit, and life in general, is all about them gainz!

5. Favorite Pandora station?
Salt n Pepa

6. Advice for newbies? 
Stick to it; the golden rule. You may be dead, and you may hate it at first, but stay positive and know that it will change your life!

5 Rounds
5 deadlift every 90 seconds (increase weight each round; end at 80% 1RM)
1 rope climb
Partner! -- divvy up reps as needed unless otherwise stated
100 air squats
90 KB shoulder-to-overhead (53/35)
80 wall balls (20/14)
70 alternating box jumps (24"/20")
60 pullups
50 KB lunges (5 at a time)
40 hand release pushups
30 SBGUs (80/60)


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