Friday 04.24.15

Super Squat Sammie

One of our athletes recently asked me what my fitness goals are. I paused a beat before answering because I think of fitness as more than just my physical fitness. I think of my mind and my spirit in addition to my physical abilities. It's a triangle of fitness, and currently, I'm trying to find balance. To be honest, it's been a busy 3 1/2 years since we opened our doors in Fall 2011.

When I first began CrossFit, I rode high on hitting PRs and maxing out -- my first pullup, my first 200# deadlift, my first 95# clean, my first Rx'd WOD. Once I became a coach and a box owner, my focus changed to maintenance of functional fitness and slow, but steady progress in my skill set. I want to be strong because I hate making 50 trips between the car and house to bring in the grocery bags. I want to be strong so I can experience the world without fear of stairways, hills, or uneven terrain. I want to be strong so that I can continue coaching without injury.

Small, steady gains are my goals, as well as mastery of the basics -- a perfect squat, a well-coordinated kip, knees pushing outward on jumps, a flat back on my set-up for lifts. Maybe it's the child ballerina in me pushing these goals, and I feel that as I age I simply don't need to prove my fitness through my 1 RM numbers. I only need to prove to myself that I am getting progressively better at the basics by improving my technique and at being more efficient in my movement. And I have to balance these goals with my goal of being a good mom, wife, in-law, friend, and citizen of my community.

I struggle mightily with this balancing act and I know I am not alone in that struggle. Some days I am a rock star, and other days I am a groupie wishing my way to greatness. As a wise fortune cookie once said, "Failure is feedback. And failure is the breakfast of champions." So own your successes, learn from your failures, and strive for progress, no matter how small the step forward.

Super Back Squat @ 60% 1RM + 5 pounds
Guys use atlas bar @ 225#
Girls use 45# bar loaded to 155#
6 min AMRAP
straight grip deadlifts (no mixed grip)
-- Rest 2 min --
6 min AMRAP:
Wall balls (30/20; 10' target for all)


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