Thursday 04.23.15

Kent takes in Vegas
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To all who struggle with self-esteem and confidence, I pose this question, "Who do you admire, and why?" Do you admire this person (or these people) because of exterior qualities like appearance? Do you have admiration, and perhaps true love, for some of these people because of interior qualities like courage, kindness, and generosity?

When you are down on yourself -- how you look, how you feel, or where you are in your life -- take a moment and think about your heroes, your mentors, and your loved ones that you admire. The gifts they share with the world are not uniquely theirs. You possess them as well. You have the potential for greatness as long as you get your head out of your ass and focus on your goals.

Stop wishing for someone else's arms, someone else's back squat, or someone else's life. Live your own life, squat your own weight to the best of your ability, and focus using the qualities you admire (e.g., confidence, determination) to reach YOUR dreams.

8 Rounds
3 weighted dips
Work up to max height seated box jump in between rounds
OHS (115/75)
Chest-to-bar pullups


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