Monday 04.06.15

Guess April is this pinup's real month
Meet April's Warrior of the Month
Taelor Bohnsack

1. Why did you start CrossFit? 
I started CrossFit because my Mom and Sister always raved about it. I wanted to try it out in Des Moines, but I had the whole intimidation factor going on.  When I moved back to Muscatine they talked me into trying it, and once I had gone for a few weeks, I was hooked.  Another big factor for why I joined was so I could broaden my rivarly with Rick Pahl.  Whooping his butt in races was starting to get boring. 

2. How does this compare to other things you have done in your athletic background? 
CrossFit compares to running the most for me. When running an all-out 800 meter, you would have this deep burning in the buns and hamstrings. It would be hard to walk and sometimes even stand up. Well I thought I'd never have those feelings again (cute I know). That was until I started up CrossFit. I soon realized that the position you assume after a WOD is most likely on the ground on your back, or curled up in the fetal position. I love pushing myself past the point of comfort. It brings a sort of accomplishment when finished. CrossFit makes me push past that comfort zone daily. 

3. Favorite exercise?
Power Clean and Hang Clean are my favorite exercise. I like the fact that it's a full body exercise. I also like the exercise of beating Rick Pahl.

4. Least favorite? 
Snatch and Overhead Squat. My mobility is quite pathetic. 

5. Favorite Pandora station? 
I love me some 2 Chainz or Tyga (Rap)! Something about those lyrics are truly inspirational. Some songz help me see the world in a new light.

6. Advice for newbies?
My advice for the newbies would be not to be intimidated. Go in and talk to people. Everyone in the box is extremely nice.  Don't worry if you can't do something right away, just work on it and eventually it will come. Nobody is good at everything in CrossFit, everyone has weaknesses. My biggest advice to newbies is to have fun. Don't make it another chore you HAVE to do. You should walk into the box excited not only to get a good exercise in but also to see the people who have become your friends. You get a great sense of community when you join and start to meet people.

Every min perform 1 lift and add 10 lb
Start empty barbell and snatch as long as possible
Once you can't snatch, clean as long as possible, once you can't clean DL as long as possible. 
-- Rest --
6 rounds 
30 sec on 30 sec off row
Guy target: 150m
Girl target: 120m


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