Friday 05.22.15

Mike mid super squat

The 6:30 AM WOD is cancelled this AM.
Do you need something fun to do this Sunday, 05/24?
Beth Dessner is hosting an Open House celebration for Grace's graduation from 3-7 PM at her home.
There will be a keg and plenty of food.
Monday, 05/24
Open Gym hours 8 AM to 12 PM
The Murph Challenge.
Well, Memorial Day Weekend traditionally signals the beginning of summer and weekends of fun in the sun. After living for several years in the Sunshine State of Florida, my skin as well as that of many of my friends saw the effects of too much unprotected fun in the sun. I have sun spots. I have wrinkles. And I have more than a few "new" freckles", which are likely melanomas. After a few too many experiences with burnt shoulders, I curtailed much of my tanning activities, got aggressive with the repeated application of SPF 30 or 50, and began covering up and taking cover when I went out in the sun. I witnessed the death of a friend's parent from melanoma and I've seen my mom deal with the removal of pre-cancerous melanomas from her face.
Yesterday on Facebook/Twitter, I posted a link to information about the effects of tanning. The thing that grates me more than anything: skin cancer is preventable and it is within everyone's power to reduce their risk of getting it. Yet, what do I see? I see people purposefully BAKING THEMSELVES in TINY BOXES or by the poolside for HOURS. I also see them looking hella older than their chronological age. Of all the diseases, conditions, and affectations we humans can contract why in the hell would a person PURPOSEFULLY risk a deadly, painful, and AVOIDABLE CANCER just to be TAN, WRINKLY, and LEATHERY? If someone can answer me that in a defensible and logical way, then please, enlighten me. Otherwise, do yourself a solid and slap on the sunscreen, cover up when you know you'll be out in the sun, and fer gawd's sake, get the hell out of the tanning bed.

Super squat
"Fight Gone Worse"
3 Rounds; 1 minute stations; 1 minute rest between rounds
Push press (95/65)
Box jump (24"/20")
Power snatch (95/65)
Row (calories)
Thruster  (95/65)


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