Big 24 Friday 07.24.15

Trish, is that any way to treat your biggest fan?

Let's Review the Basics. 
CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. Fitness is defined as "increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains." The 10 domains of fitness are:
 Ideally, we want to excel in all of these domains. Realistically, we have weaknesses in one or more of those domains (e.g., flexibility, endurance, or strength). Thus, the mantra "chase your weakness" exists. 
If you are not flexible, get mobilizing in your time off. If you lack endurance, enforce a strict 5- or 10-breath rule for your mid-WOD breaks. If you lack strength, get heavier with the weights, as long as you are not sacrificing technique or form. 
Practice quality movement and you will improve in all 10 of these domains. Ergo, don't short your squats when the going gets tough. Don't short your lockout position in an effort to gain speed. Don't cheat your workout by cheating your movements. In the end, crappy movement begets more crappy movement and cheats forward progress. If you can't do it right with a PVC, you're not going to PR with the big boy bar. Further, if you're nursing an injury or coming back from a injury don't delay recovery by trying to get an Rx next to your name. You'll come back faster if you focus on progress and on quality movement.

In fact, a good rule for everyone:
ALWAYS focus on progress and on quality movement.

"The Big 24"
8 Rounds: 3 hang power snatch, then ride it down into an OHS
8 Rounds: 3 power clean + push press
8 Rounds: 3 squat cleans


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