Thursday 07.02.15

Once a runner, always a runner.
Meet July's Warrior of the Month
Karla Blaser

1. Why did you start CrossFit? 
There were a few people from work that had been coming to CrossFit for a couple years, and they ALL kept saying how much I would enjoy it and that I should try. In 2014 the day after my son's wrestling season ended, I decided, let's see what this is all about. Most of my life I have been a runner, and ran road races for years and kept very active with my kids. When I first started CrossFit, the goal was to become a better runner and come to the box a couple times a week to change up my training routine. That didn't last.... after a week of not being able to walk down stairs, sit on the toilet, and lift my arms above my head, I was hooked! These people are insane and I dig it. A year later....I CF 5 or 6 times a week, and rarely run now. Still enjoy running some, but would rather spend my time in the box doing other stuff. Instead of running tons of road races, now my sights are on CrossFit competitions. These are so much fun, it is so enjoyable to be with other people that share the same extreme interests.

2. Favorite exercise? 
Definitely a handstand pushup! There is something so fun about those. Pretty close second is pull-ups, these have come a long way, when I first started I had some really weird form!

3. Least favorite?
Snatch....Working on it, that move is so complex and there is a lot going on there.

4. Favorite Pandora station?
Definitely like to "rock out" at the box. Favorite is Foo Fighters, huge David Grohl fan! So some 90's, Alternative, and some good ole ACDC to keep things moving.

5. Advice for newbies? 
The best advice is: You need to go to the box. That is the battle, it is mental. Don't let your insecurities keep you from coming and trying. There are going to be days when you will be frustrated, but we all feel this way and support and encourage each other. Everyone starts somewhere, but the key is you have to start. Then focus on your goals and work towards that each day, it is not easy, but all the people, friendships and relationships that have developed from the box are worth it. CrossFit has strengthened me mentally and physically I feel like I did in college. It is exciting when you see progress in yourself and in others, and it is addicting, you will want more!

7 Rounds
3 power snatch
50 wall balls
40 m weighted lunge (53/35)
30 GHDs
20 wall balls
10 HSPUs


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