Friday 08.07.15

Warrior of the Month: Justin
It took us a little bit to capture our elusive 
Warrior of the Month for August, Justin Hopkins, 
with the camera to feature him here. 

1. Describe your athletic background. 
I started training to a be a professional motocrosser as far back as I can remember. That was always my end game. I played football and wrestled in high school, but that was all done to stay in shape for racing. Life happened for me however, and I soon realized after many knee and back surgeries that being a professional motocrosser probably wasn't in the cards for me any longer. I still continued to lift weights and even became a personal trainer while attending WIU in Macomb.

2. Why did you start CrossFitting? 
I got fat. Plain and simple! Luckily, my fiancee, Sheena (a.k.a., Xena Warrior Princess), heard great things about CrossFit and pushed me to try it. I was hesitant at first, but I'm so glad we took the chance to try it. It is the first time Sheena was ever right about anything. Ever. LOL.

3. Favorite movement? 
Bench press.

4. Least favorite? 
Burpees, burpees and burpees. Did I mention burpees?

5. Favorite Pandora station? 
Pepper Radio.

6. Advice for newbies? 
Stick it out. CrossFit is hard. It is both physically and mentally demanding, but the reward is worth it!!

5 Rounds
5 snatch grip deadlift @ 10# over your 1RM snatch
5 hang power snatch (for speed) with 45#/35# bar
20 minute EMOM
Even minutes (0, 2, 4,...18): 3 back squat from the ground (225/155)
Odd minutes (1, 3, 5,...19): 10 lateral over-the-bar burpees


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