Thursday 08.27.15

Friends who handstand together...
Oh Deadlift! How do I lift more??? Top 5 tips for deadlift awesome-ness: 
  1. Rock all your weight back on your heels, driving your heels into the ground. 
  2. Push your knees OUT. Do not let them cave in toward each other. 
  3. Keep the bar in contact with your shins and legs. As soon as you swing the bar away from your legs, you lose momentum. 
  4. Keep your shoulder blades pinched together. Imagine your mother is poking you in the back to stand up straight - that's where your shoulders should be through the whole lift. 
  5. Use everything but your lower back. Use your legs, use your arms, your grip, your feet, your butt....just NOT your back. You feel it there and you done did it wrong.
Odd couple deadlift (315/225) to 11 minutes 
16 minute EMOM 
Even minutes (0, 2, 4...14): 5 wall walks 
Odd minutes (1, 3, 5...15): 50 DUs

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