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From the archives, Tuesday 04.23.13:

Hints for success in the box:
1) Know your weaknesses and chase them down.
2) Knowing the difference between a good a lift and a bad lift is the first step towards getting better at technique. Become aware of how your body moves through space and adjust accordingly.
3) Good technique should always come before adding more weight. And intensity during a WOD should always come before adding more weight. If it feels easy, go faster. When you get tired, tighten up your technique. This is not the time to "zone out". Focus and go for the win.
4) You need less of a break than you think you do. Shorten those "breathers" during a WOD.
5) Leave your ego at home. Don't pretend to know more than you do. Be bold, but not greedy. Know your limits and push them, but don't get stupid. Bruised ego = physical injuries.
6) Put your toys away when you're done playing. And wipe them clean if you bleed on them.
7) Listen to your coach. Seriously, we're trying to help you.
8) Know your flexibility and range of motion issues and deal with them. Take ownership of your body and start writing your own manual for optimal movement. This is an every day necessity.
9) Don't trash all your hard work in the box by eating crap. We know who you are, BTW, without even asking.
10) HAVE FUN. Enter every WOD with an adventurous spirit. The WOD may not go the way you want it to, but you're doing more than 85% of the people out there sitting on their asses.

7 rounds 
1 muscle snatch 
2 snatch balance no dip snatch balance
Work up to high box jump between rounds
3 rounds
15 thruster (95/65)
15 pullups
Every break = 200 m run


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