Tuesday 09.22.15

On Tuesdays we wear purple
Bullet point lifting tips to get your started:
  1. Slow down on the set up. Don't rush the bar off the floor. Get yourself set, take a deep breath, then explode with the legs.
  2. Keep. Your LATS. Engaged. Your "lats" are your shoulderblades, for all intents and purposes. Pull your shouldblades back and together and KEEP THEM there for the duration of the lift.
  3. On the set up, "lock in" your elbows by trying to twist the creases of your elbows away from your body and out towards the end of the barbell.
  4. Consistent feet. Mark your starting and landing foot positions and hit those marks each lift.
9 sets; increase weight; maintain FORM
Power Snatch (from the ground)
3 ring dips in between sets 
4 minutes on; 2 minutes rest
3 Rounds
(each round is an AMRep)
10 KB snatch (AHAP)
1 rope climb
10 wall balls (20/14; 10' target)


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