Monday 10.05.15

Luke, October's WOM
$5 Yoga at WCFM is THIS SATURDAY, Oct. 10th.
12 to 1 PM with Lindsay from WellFit

Meet October's Warrior of the Month
Luke "Don't Call Me Mattress" Seele 

1. Describe your athletic background.
Basically, I started playing soccer when I was six and played through high-school. In middle school I started playing basketball and football, which I also played through high school in addition to two years of track. Obviously, I also played all kinds of pick up games with my brothers, cousins, and friends.

2. What makes you drive 45 minutes to get your WOD on?
I drive 45 minutes because 1) I love CrossFit and working out and I think it's our job to take care of the body that God has given us, 2) the people you meet and get to workout with in CrossFit are totally awesome, 3) I love the new doors in fitness and abilities that CrossFit can open for you, and 4) because I want to be the best athlete/CrossFitter that I can be and that won't happen sitting at home.

3. Favorite exercise? 
My favorite exercise is doubleunders...joking :) It's tough to choose, but I would probably have to say it's the clean and jerk, and or attempting a handstand walk! 

4. Least favorite exercise?
Least favorite is either doubleunders or burpees.

5. Favorite pre-WOD food?
Favorite pre-WOD food is anything I can keep down during the workout. lol

6. Advice to newbies? 
My advice to newbies is to give it your all and don't quit. It can definitely hurt, at first especially, but to me that just means it's working. Last, HAVE FUN and never be afraid to ask for help. I guarantee that all the coaches and everyone around you is willing and happy to help!

4 Rounds
7 front squat + 13 back squat @ 60%
14 min cap:
1 KB swing, 1 CTB
2 KB swing, 2 CTB
3 KB swing, 3 CTB
Work your way as far up the ladder until time expires


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