Wednesday 11.04.15

Z press Queen
Meet November's Warrior of the Month
Holly TK

1) Describe your athletic background.
I played softball until my junior year in high school. I also was a swim instructor and a waitress. Do those count? I did both as an undergrad.

2) Can you discuss the support you have received from the hospital CrossFit community?
Doug Dawson and Karla Blaser worked on me for a while before I finally gave CrossFit a try. In fact, Doug gave me a monthly pass for Christmas to give it a shot. It took me almost a year to redeem it, but hey, better late than never. The support from my co-workers at the hospital and clinic has been not only appreciated, but very inspiring too. When I run into them, the first thing we talk about is how crazy a WOD was, or how sore we are (or where we are sore). I would say the entire CrossFit community has been amazing though. Everyone is always, always, always happy for me with even the smallest gain or accomplishment, and vice-versa. I love to watch someone get a PR, like when Frank got the box record for a back squat last week. It gives me more fuel to continue on my fitness journey.

3) Favorite exercise?
Ummmm, this is a hard one. Right now I am working on pull-ups. Any exercise involving bodyweight is tough, but may be useful in the event of an apocalypse. You just never know when you will have pull yourself out of a hole, climb a rope, or carry your friend (thank you sandbag get-ups) to safety.

4) Least favorite?
Burpees and any running.

5) Favorite Pandora station?
The only time I listen to Pandora is at the box. Having said that, I like funk, jam-bands, 80's and 90's stations.

6) Do you have any advice for newbies? 
  • DO NOT QUIT. Remember that first couple of weeks? Yeah, I don't want to re-live that total body cramp again and I'm sure you don't either.
  • Just go. Don't make excuses - we all have a million of them. It's just an hour out of your day and the feeling when the WOD is done is amazing.
  • Take pride in your accomplishments. The small gains all build on each other and before you know it, you are doing something you never thought you could do. 
  • Last but not least -- pay it forward. Pretty soon, you won't be a newbie anymore. You will see the folks in the On-ramp class struggling, maybe questioning why they are there. Give them some encouragement. This is tough stuff, but so, so worth it.
9 Rounds
1 Craig Special + Jerk
17 min AMRAP:
200 m Run
Max reps OHS @ 95/65
Max Ring Push Ups 


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