Monday 01.04.16

Trish "The Dish" Smith
For $50 you can get a month of fitness to kick off your new year. 
Our next on-ramp session starts TONIGHT at 6:30 PM! 
First class is FREE.
Monthly CrossFit fees are DUE TODAY.

Meet Our First Warrior of Month for 2016
Trish "The Dish" Smith

1. Describe your athletic background. 
In high school I played all sports, softball, volleyball, basketball, and golf. My main sport was softball, I was a catcher and caught varsity my 8th grade year through senior year!

2. Can you discuss the balance between juggling your kids' schedule and still finding the time to consistently train? 
I know I need to be in good health for myself and to give my kids a good role model.  The box is my way of relaxing and de-stressing so I make sure to make the time!  It's easy to get caught up with all your kids' activities, but it's equally important to have your own time and do what makes you happy!

3. Favorite exercise? 
Anything with squats and sandbag getups

4. Least favorite? 
JERKS and SNATCH!!! Pretty much any lift that requires throwing a bar over head!

5. Goals within the next year? 
Get better at my jerk and snatch :) Also handstand pushups!

6. Do you ever mix business and pleasure? 
NEVER!!!! I'm extremely professional that way! HAHA!

7. Favorite Pandora station? 
90's rap

8. Do you have any advice for newbies? 
I think my biggest advice is to work more on technique then getting big numbers!  I know it's great getting PRs and adding more weight but if your not doing it right in the first place you are looking to get hurt!  Also, Be consistent and patient and results will come!  I know it's easy to see everyone lifting big weights and you can get discouraged and intimated, but remember we all started at the same place!  And most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

8 Rounds
8 barbell back lunges
(4 each leg; start at 135/95 and go up each round)
3 slow strict pullups between rounds
3 rounds
"Explore the Space"
7 atomic thrusters (155/105)
17 hand release push-ups


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