14 mins alt mins
Work up to 1 rm push press 
work up to 7 rm DL

Snatch 53/35 alt sides each round 
Seated Russian twists 45/35

Pistol putting up 275lbs--167 percent  bodyweight  on a jerk

The Way Ahead

'It Is Not the Strongest or most intelligent of the Species that Survives But the Most Adaptable' -Charles Darwin 


Today is a bittersweet day for me. On one hand, I'm looking forward to Physical Therapy School and learning new stuff over the next two years to share with all of you. On the flip side, my class schedule will only allow me to coach the morning and noon class. This means I'm going to miss out on Pixie walking in 5 mins late every day and her 9 min wardrobe change, Holly misunderstanding the WOD rep scheme until an end of class epiphany, Warrior Princess constantly trying to sneak in lower weights, and Bruja scaring away the on ramp class. I kid I kid :)  It does, however, mean that I will only see the evening folks in a limited capacity. Crossfit doesn't work without the community aspect, and I thank each of you for making it such a joy to come to work since September of 2011. 

Make no mistake--evening class junkies will be in more than capable hands with Kyle, and I'll be around on a weekly basis. Crossfit isn't going anywhere. 

The thing I'm going to miss most is the relationships that have been forged over the last 5 years. Founding members--Can you believe it's been that long!? Keep putting in the work and encouraging others. There may be bigger boxes, or places with higher overall open scores, but what we have forged is truly authentic and I wouldn't trade it for 24 new Rogue barbells. 

You know the truth. Chronic disease to include type 2 diabetes, specific forms of cancer, and cardio/heart disease kills the majority of this country; over 100 MILLION people last year. Proper diet containing minimal amounts of refined sugar and regular exercise are central tenets in delaying decrepitude and maximizing wellness for as long as possible. 

Take ownership of your health. 

See you in da box (some more than others). 



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