Wednesday 06.22.16

Keeping Up With Life

I know it's swimsuit season. The sun is shining, it's hot,  and it's time to get out on the boat, to get out on the pool deck, and to get outside in general. It means tank tops, shorts, short sleeves, and all manner of skin-baring apparel. For some of us, it might mean getting back on a diet, hitting the gym more frequently, or tearing up the workout DVDs to get that summer body. A word of caution: if you're working out or losing weight just to impress that girl/guy or to look "right" in the "right" clothes to the "right" people, then you don't get it. That's not "fit" -- that is simply trying to "fit in"-- and it likely won't last past the last hazy days of fall.

Long-term health and wellness is being as functional as possible for as long as possible. It is healthy habits that become a lifestyle. It is wanting your body to be able to all the things it was designed to do: bend, skip, hop, jump, lift, push, pull, walk, run, twist...you name it. Long-term health and wellness means you can participate fully in life. And life is made of verbs - go here or there, be this, do that, see, hear, experience, love, share, spend - the list goes on. Life ends when the verbs end. Long-term health (which includes fitness) means the duration of those verbs is extended. You can see, hear, think, and do for many, many years.

So let's think about the people you love and the people that love you - the ones that make you smile and make you feel like your best self when they are around (and I hope to God you have people like that in your life). Most of us want these people to stay in our lives for a long time (hello favorite grandparent!). In fact, it's probably safe to say that we would really appreciate it if they could live forever. So what we want most for the people we love is for them to be healthy and happy for the long haul. The feeling is probably mutual and that feeling probably does not stem from how you or they look in a bathing suit. It stems from whether you verb together (that is to say whether you can participate in life together).

Being fit and healthy for life requires accepting yourself as you are, pushing yourself to be better, and wanting more than the superficial and temporary approval of others. It is NOT really about how you look. It is all about what you can DO. Can you get out of a chair without assistance? Can you keep up with your pets, or children, or both? Can you aid someone in an emergency because you can lift them to safety? Can you keep yourself safe because you have good balance and strong legs and arms? Do you know how to make smart food choices? Do you need 2, 4, 6, or 10 pills a day to function? Can you walk up and down stairs or bring your groceries in the house without getting winded? Can you rearrange your furniture? Can you garden for hours? Can you keep up with LIFE? Start thinking about what your body CAN do and start adding to that list. Because the more your body can do, the better shape you are in for LIFE. CrossFit is not a quick fix scheme. It is meant to push your mind and your body to make you more functional in life - for the duration of your life. So make it a long one full of lots and lots of good verbs (and vibes).

Clean and jerk ladder!  
Get in at least 15 reps at least 60 percent your 1 rm and up
15 min EMOM 
3 push press 165/105
4 TTB 
5 bj (24/20)


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