5 Years...and Beyond.

From stage to pullup station
Humble beginnings
Oh my. The day has come. We are selling our first baby.

NOT BROOKS, you weirdos.

We are selling our first baby, Warrior CrossFit Muscatine. Five years ago (which is not so long ago, but is SO. LONG. AGO), Jacob and I quit our jobs and hauled our two cats and worldly possessions back to our family here in Muscatine. We jumped into the void by opening a CrossFit box in a town that really had never heard of CrossFit. We opened in a building over 100 years old that was home to a bar with a shag rug full of fleas before we moved in, and that rattled and shook every time a loaded barbell dropped to the ground or the bass went too deep. Honestly, I’m surprised any of y’all took a chance on us in the early days — before there was a beginner’s class, before there was a concrete floor, before there was dedicated parking, before there wasn’t carpet involved in your WOD.

Jacob and I poured our hearts into building the WCFM community. We believe deeply in a life of functional fitness and striving for more — in and out of the gym. The box is basically an extension of how we live our lives. We believe progress in the gym is built on perseverance and persistence as well as dedication to the basics. It is no different for either of us outside of the gym. That is why our motto has always been “Tada gun irracht”, which is Gaelic for “Nothing without effort.”

Anyone remember the Holiday Stroll WOD-a-Thon?
Move in day at the current location
But now it is time for new challenges and priorities. For me, it is motherhood and caring for our two boys each day. During this season of life, anything outside of keeping these babies loved, fed, safe, and alive is very much secondary. I feel lucky when I can fit a WOD into my day. For Jacob, it is fatherhood and working his way toward a Doctorate in Physical Therapy through South College. This demanding 2-year program leaves little time for other endeavors.

We love our WCFM community. We are not going anywhere. You will still see Jacob coaching, just at fewer times. You will still see me, working out when I can between tantrums, naps, and feedings. We are transferring ownership to Kyle Jack, who we feel confident will carry on the values encapsulated by “Tada gun irracht”. He started with us as an athlete that knew little of CrossFit, but soon embraced the programming, movements, and ethos of functional fitness. Eventually, he created and ran our Beginners’ On-Ramp Program. Since then, he has become our second-in-command as Jacob continued his Air Force Reserve duties and I retired from coaching.

Kyle's 1st muscle up
Baby bells
Kyle is one of you — he started where you started and he continues striving for more. He’s been our teammate and cheerleader, an athlete, a coach, and now he will take over as fearless leader and champion of the WCFM community. We hope you continue to support him and this community as we transition through ownership. Please do not hesitate to ask us or Kyle any questions you have about what comes next for WCFM.

We are indebted to the Founding Members that had faith in us from that first crazy month and to those of you who have joined us since. CrossFit is nothing without the people sweating alongside each other. The friendships (and romantic relationships!) we have seen develop over these last 5 years are proof that we are doing something right. Thank you to each and every person who walked through our doors and filled out a waiver. Each of you gave us a reason to care, a reason to be better coaches, and a reason to make a positive impact on the wider Muscatine community. Thank you for believing in us and making this crazy leap worth every single ounce of the effort. You’ve made us better people.

A few things to note before we officially pass the torch on October 1, 2016:
  • Kyle will be transferring everyone to automatic payments through a different payment system. Your fees will be similar or the same if you commit to a membership versus paying month-to-month. Stop in or email him at kylejack27@hotmail.com if you have specific questions.
  • No need to cancel your current PayPal account. I will be pulling the plug on September 9th since everyone is pro-rated through the month.
  • Punch card people -- all five of you :) -- Use up those punches by the end of September.
  • There will still be a WCFM calendar photo shoot on Saturday, October 29th.
Again, do not hesitate to ask us or Kyle ANY questions about this new chapter in WCFM's story. We are confident that we are placing this community into very capable and caring hands.

15 Rounds
1 hang squat snatch + OHS (increase weight)
15 sec hollow body hold between rounds
4 rounds
10 CTB pullups
10 deadlifts
Each round separated by a 200 m run
**RX = unbroken pullups and deadlifts**
50 perfect push-ups


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