Friday 09.02.16

Installing the pullup rig at the old gym space
I'm nostalgic after yesterday's post about transferring ownership of WCFM to Kyle. I'm also aware there might be some confusion about paying for September.
  • Anyone who has an autopay subscription through PayPal that starts AFTER the 9th of every month, you do NOT need to pay at any time this month. We will be shutting off auto payments from our end on September 9th.
  •  If you pay in person on (or, let's be real, AROUND) the 1st of the month, please pay by cash or check ASAP. Jacob will be back next week if you would like to pay by credit. I will be at the gym Friday for the 4:30 PM WOD if you would like to pay by credit shortly before or after that workout. 
  • If you have a punch card, please use up your punches this month. They will not be transferable once Kyle takes over on October 1. 
We want the transition between owners to be as smooth as possible, so please ask us any questions you have as soon as they arise. 

9 Rounds 
1 Curtis P (substitute in a jerk instead of a push press to finish)
30 secs on 30 secs off then switch with partner.  
5 rounds each of each exercise:
- Wall balls
- Burpee CTB
- OH lunge steps 45/35
- 20 sec side plank, 5 push-ups, 20 sec side plank (pass fail on last exercise)


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