Tuesday 09.06.16

Sandbag Sunrise

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The Difficulty of Change
...Because change is hard. REALLY hard. No matter how big or small the changes are. And you'll REALLY want to quit...And that's the nugget of truth for all of you holding on to the fear of change. Whatever positive change you are actively working towards or contemplating -- whether it is weight loss, a new job, quitting smoking, drinking fewer sodas per week, walking more, being a better friend, paying off debts, getting over a fear of public speaking -- it is worth it. Doing something new or different from the same old routine always puts me off balance, and maybe makes me grumpy for a little while, but the effort always pays me back with blessings I never expected and with blessings for which I never knew to ask. 

So, if you had a choice between a) making no changes and living with same old dissatisfaction, worries, and fears, or b) making a few small changes (or several HUGE changes) with the possibility of blessings that satisfy and fulfill you in ways you never anticipated, which would YOU choose?

My one piece of advice if you choose "b)"? Set realistic expectations, including the following: it is going to be more difficult than you think will be, it is going to take longer than you think it should, and looking too far ahead is always a fruitless endeavor. Sounds like CrossFit to me. Now leave those excuses at the door and get to work.

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